December 18, 2021

Trelldom - Til Et Annet... (1999)

Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Genre: Black Metal
Style: Norwegian Black Metal
Label Number: HHR038

© 1999 Hammerheart Records
Legendary Black Metal pioneer Gaahl, of GORGOROTH fame, has been a figure of much controversy whether it is about his diet, outspokenness, or other aspects of his personal life. But perhaps, the most outstanding and understated thing about Gaahl is his talent as a vocalist. With a re-release of the classic 1998 album "Til Et Annet", Gaahl has reminded us just how big a force he is to be reckoned with. With his other band TRELLDOM, he had birthed a classic record: a gift to the black metal scene that will serve to inspire and influence future generations of bands to come.

The album opened with a blast of energy, a surge of mind-blowing noise that served as a great intro to the kind of music the album would continue to present. After going through that audio preparation, the rest of the album flowed smoothly. In each song was an underlying melody of skillful creation: major chords that progressed higher and higher and festered in cadences that inspired a very Hard Rock style. That being said, the songs never deviated from the authentic sound of Black Metal, with that ever-endearing wall of vocals and instruments crashing together jarringly to create the archetypical atmosphere Black Metal so promotes.

The songs continued to expound on what seemed to be Classic Rock or Hard Rock influences, tinged with a light touch of Progressive Rock. This sets TRELLDOM apart from many Black Metal bands. The Pop sensibilities of Hard Rock intertwined with the technical progressiveness of Black Metal to result in something truly special: a Black Metal record that plays like something off early MOTORHEAD works. Coupled with the airy, atmospheric production of most Black Metal records and you’ve got yourself a true indie gem. The vibes given off by the album lingered in between Indie Rock, Hard Rock, and Black Metal – creating a very well-rounded sound that is sure to be appreciated by the many different scores of fans of rock music.

In terms of technicality, the drums do a great job of putting in a good groove for a record that would have otherwise meandered in the limitations of a usually atmosphere-based genre. The diversity present in the drum patterns and styles boosted the overall creativity level of the album up a few notches as well. The vocals were amazing. It was precise in its range and acute in its execution; brilliant in its conveyance of images and emotions. Gaahl was brave, expressive, and skillful, and seemed to have some Ozzy Osbourne influences in some of the more melodic and experimental parts. As for the guitars, I could hear some clear SEX PITSOLS influences. It is no surprise that Black Metal has drawn some influences from Punk, but it is an influence that has been slowly watered down over the years by increasing technicality and infusion of Death metal styles into Black Metal albums. "Til Et Annet" brought that influence back again and pushed it into the limelight with sheer fearlessness.

This is a classic record that breaks all boundaries. The band was utterly fearless and genius by incorporating influences by some of the softer genres in Rock music, and it worked magnificently well for them in creating a very special and exclusive feel for the album. "Til Et Annet" is truly one in a million – a force to be reckoned with. 

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