December 14, 2021

Strange Advance - Worlds Away & Back (1995)

Country: Italy
Language: English
Genre: Pop
Label Number: E2-72438-35344-2-5

© 1995 EMI Music Canada
Strange Advance combined their sweeping, eyes-gazing-mistily-tothe-horizon modernist dramas with those slightly chilly, mechanical rhythms and atmospheric washes that distinguished them from mainstream "prog" keyboard-dominated bands like Saga. Call it a Canuck take on the Ultravox/bastard-sons-of-Bowie school. Worlds Away & Back leads with the group's seven-minute signature tune "World's Away" then wisps through 14 more glossy productions, including "World Becomes Electric," "Alien Time," and two new tracks from a revamped, 1995 version of the band (including a pointless re-recording of the title track).

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