December 18, 2021

Khold - Phantom (2002)

Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Genre: Black Metal
Style: Black N' Roll
Label Number: FOG 029CD

© 2002 Moonfog Productions
This is the first I have heard of this band and to say I was a little impressed would be an understatement. This is the 2nd release for this band from Norway and like a lot of the music coming out of that country it is mainly in the black metal genre but with an added dimension.

The main problem I have always had with black metal in general is the lack of anything even slightly resembling a hook or the horrible production, which for some odd reason is done on purpose. Not to say that all black metal bands follow this philosophy but there are enough of them to make it annoying in its own right. The black metal bands that I really enjoy are ones that have the ability to draw you into the music and it is evident that a lot of time and care had gone into writing and recording the material. Bands like Immortal and Deströyer 666 jump to mind right away and after listening to this album I would have to add Khold into that same category. The music is black metal but there are a lot of good hooks and at times some really groove oriented moments that really make the album stand out. This is however something that may have to grow on you as the album has moments where you may sit back and wonder what the hell they are doing now but that is one of the things I liked most about the album. If nothing else this is an album that will at least keep your attention.

Overall a very enjoyable album and something that has got some real replay value. Fans of the aforementioned bands of Immortal and Deströyer 666 may want to check these guys out. At the very least download an MP3 and then make up your mind. It will certainly be time well spent…:)

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