December 15, 2021

Bolland - The Domino Theory (1981)

*First pressing. 
Contains 11 tracks total.
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Genre: Synth Pop, Pop Rock
Label Number: 100.021

© 1981-1984 CNR
It seemed an unlikely venture at the time, too -- but somehow or other, this concept album about the chilling terrors of nuclear war is a brilliant tour de force, and has become a cult classic in the process. Brothers Rob and Ferdi Bolland aka Bolland & Bolland (who would go on to greater fame for their work with Falco -- remember "Rock Me Amadeus"?) have concocted a mini rock opera that also functions as a great collection of pop songs. From the opening anthem, "In the Army Now" (which became a minor hit for Status Quo), the Bolland brothers launch into a new wave odyssey that more than lives up to its promise and its premise. "The Dogs of War," "Heart of Darkness," and "Heaven Can Wait" are pure power pop at its finest, while the epic "Cambodia Moon" and "To the Battleground" do the heavy lifting in the ballad department. Bookended by an "Ouverture" and a "Finale," it is clear that the Bolland brothers aimed very high for their debut effort. And while commercial success would elude them for a few more years, "The Domino Theory" is -- at once -- a great concept album, a great new wave collection, and an endlessly listenable musical journey, one that actually makes you think about some pretty heavy issues. How many records can you honestly say that about? It is too bad that this record ever only achieved cult status -- it is one of the best concept albums to emerge from the 1980s and has been sorely overlooked by too many for too long. Before judging them on their work with Falco or Samantha Fox, be sure to check out one of the most ambitious and creative albums of the decade, and then marvel at the fact that it's their major-label debut. It's a sonic shock to the system you won't soon forget.

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