August 27, 2021

Maggie Rogers - Heard It In a Past Life (2019) (WEB) ☠

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Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Pop
Label Number: None
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AllMusic Review by Heather Phares
After she released the Now That the Light Is Fading EP, Maggie Rogers issued a string of singles that hinted she was moving in a poppier direction. However, her debut album Heard It in a Past Life offers a more complete picture of her music that gives equal time to her electronic leanings as well as her folky roots, both of which she combined brilliantly on her breakthrough single "Alaska." That song also appears here, and its effortless blend of styles and Rogers' guileless singing still sparkles. On the rest of Heard It in a Past Life, she finds different ways to forge her own bright, assured version of pop. Working with Rostam and Greg Kurstin among other producers, Rogers fills the album with clever production twists and heartfelt performances. At times, her skill at transforming big emotions into hook-laden songs calls to mind frequent Kurstin collaborator Sia, particularly on "Give a Little"'s call for unity (Rogers was inspired to write the song after a nationwide school walkout in protest of American gun violence) and "Overnight," where she ponders over how her relationships could change in the wake of her viral success. Even if nothing else here sounds quite like "Alaska," Heard It in a Past Life's best songs have as much confidence and originality as the track that introduced her. The album's second half allows Rogers more range, spanning the sensual sway of "Say It" and "On + Off" (another standout that also appeared on Now That the Light Is Fading) as well as the empowering ballads "Light On" and "Fallingwater," an impressionistic collaboration with Rostam that flows and swells like its namesake. While it sometimes feels like Rogers could be even bolder than she is on Heard It in a Past Life, it's a strong debut that shows how well she's growing into her fame as well as all the dimensions of her music.

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