August 30, 2021

Gary Numan - Exile (1998)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Industrial Rock
Label Number: CLP 0200-2
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AllMusic Review by Simon Cantlon
Exile Extended is an extended (hence the title) version of Gary Numan's 1998 release, Exile. The subject is dark and conceptual, dealing with good versus evil and a timely questioning of faith considering the new millennium was right around the corner. Dark subject matter is nothing new to the Numan camp, but Exile Extended is easily one of his darkest. With such heavy subject matter this could have been cumbersome and laborious, but in fact it's just the opposite. Numan continues to update his sound to the electro-rock vein, and by offering this extended version, he gives the music and his vocals more room to breathe. His one-of-a-kind vocals are in fine form throughout. Having become less robotic, Numan seems to have adapted more of a "dark lord" feel to his vocals. Exile Extended creates a more dramatic edge than the original Exile. The album works well as a whole -- the synthesized melodies create hypnotic soundscapes, never making it feel like the songs go on for too long. If you loved Exile, then you'll definitely enjoy this expanded version. For those of you who haven't listened to Numan's work, this is a good point to dive in.

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