May 23, 2021

Hurricane G - All Woman (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: 119-341-022-2

© 1999 H.O.L.A. Recordings
Known for his association with Madonna and his work in dance music, Jellybean Benitez isn't someone you'd expect to serve as executive producer on a hardcore rap effort. But that's exactly what he does on All Woman, the debut album by Puerto Rican female rapper Hurricane G. This isn't a rap CD with lots of pop or dance-music influence, and in fact, underproduced jams like "Boriqua Mami," "Underground Locdown" and "El Barrio" are characterized by a definite lack of slickness. The Brooklyn native, who raps in both English and Spanish, goes for simplicity and favors a deadpan, very informal delivery comparable to EPMD. Unlike many New York rappers who were popular in 1997, she doesn't inundate listeners with technique. As much of an in-your-face, tough-girl attitude as she often projects, the hip-hopper shows a lot of vulnerability on "Mama," a touching and poigant ode to her mother. Hurricane does tend to spend too much time boasting (a problem with quite a few MCs), but even so, All Woman was one of the more enjoyable rap releases of late 1997.

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