October 04, 2021

Limbonic Art - Legacy of Evil (2007)

Country: Norway
Language: English
Genre: Black Metal
Style: Symphonic Black Metal
Label Number: CANDLE184CD
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© 2007 Candlelight Records USA
A Legacy of Evil Review by Alex Henderson
When singer/guitarist Vidar Jense, aka Daemon, and guitarist/keyboardist Krister Dreyer, aka Morfeus, announced Limbonic Art's breakup in 2002, fans of the Norwegian symphonic black metal duo hoped that the split wouldn't be permanent. It wasn't: Daemon and Morfeus reunited five years later in 2007 and recorded Legacy of Evil, which is Limbonic Art's first album since 2002's The Ultimate Death Worship. Although this reunion disc is heavier and more forceful than their older recordings, Limbonic Art is still relevant to symphonic black metal; they still favor an approach that is more melodic, intricate, and nuanced than harsher black metal artists such as Marduk and Gorgoroth. The thing that has not changed is Limbonic Art's use of technology; they still use a drum machine consistently (Morfeus handles the drum programming) instead of hiring an actual drummer. And Limbonic Art still employs Morfeus on keyboards, although his keyboards aren't as prominent on Legacy of Evil as they were on previous releases. Certainly, Limbonic Art's use of a drum machine has been controversial in extreme metal circles; the vast majority of black metal and death metal bands wouldn't dream of having a drum machine on their albums. But it works fairly well for Limbonic Art on Legacy of Evil just as it worked fairly well for them in the past. While Legacy of Evil is mildly uneven, most of the material is respectable -- not spectacular, but respectable -- and all things considered, it is good to see Limbonic Art providing symphonic black metal once again.

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