October 29, 2021

Inspiral Carpets - Revenge of The Goldfish (1992)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Alternative Rock
Style: Britpop
Label Number: 9 61397-2
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© 1992 Elektra
Revenge of the Goldfish Review by Geoff Orens
A return to form after a sophomore slump, Revenge of the Goldfish found Inspiral Carpets moving further away from the sound of their debut album and its heavy keyboards and dance elements. Instead, Revenge of the Goldfish was the band's most straightforward rock album, featuring a number of edgy, aggressive guitar-dominated numbers with a nice use of effects. There's still some of the old organ on such tracks as "A Little Disappeared," but for the most part keyboardist Clint Boon plays more synths here. Not only has the band's songwriting improved since their second album, but the production is far sharper without sounding too overdone. There is the occasional off track, but such tempo numbers as "Generations," "Mystery," and the phenomenal closer, "Irresistible Force," rank up there among the band's best. Meanwhile, the ballads "Two Worlds Collide" and "Bitches Brew" manage to stay heartfelt while offering a nice groove. Overlooked, but for no good reason.

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