June 19, 2021

An Autumn For Crippled Children - Only The Ocean Knows (2012)

Country: The Netherlands
Language: English
Genre: Blackgaze
Label Number: SSS010
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© 2012 A Sad Sadness Song
Review by Curtis Dewar for Sea of Tranquility.org
An Autumn for Crippled Children is a dutch band and Only the Ocean Knows is their third full-length release. Having no previous familiarity with the band, I wasn't expecting much as I had quite honestly never heard of them before. I had a feeling that they might be black metal related, but I wasn't completely sure.

When I heard album opener "Past Tense" however I have to admit I was impressed.-The sound that I heard was like a black metal version of the Cure awash with lush melodies while still sounding dark and full of rage. Think Alcest, but more agressive, yet melodic at the same time. Really the band will probably get pigeonholed into the whole black metal shoegaze thing that seems to be in style nowadays, but the band is so much better than the other stuff that is out there right now.

The songs are able to invoke both a sense of longing and beauty at the same time. The songs swirling with all kinds of melodies while interspersed with heavy aggression. This is some really cool stuff that has to be heard to fully understand the scope of the songs.

This is one hell of an album and fully recommended.

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