June 26, 2021

My Little Funhouse - Standunder (1992)

Country: Ireland
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
Label Number: GEFD-24497

© 1992 Geffen Records
If AC/DC's late singer Bon Scott had been with a power pop unit instead of a heavy metal band, what would it have sounded like? About the only CD that even comes close to answering such a question is Standunder. My Little Funhouse singer Alan Lawlor definitely has a Scott-ish quality to his voice, but you won't find anything on this CD that sounds like "Highway to Hell," "Whole Lotta Rosie" or any other AC/DC favorite. Rather, this underexposed band has more of a pop-rock/power pop outlook on tunes like "Wishing Well" and "I Want Some of That." At times, My Little Funhouse brings to mind Cheap Trick, but none of Trick's songs are as soul-influenced as "Been Too Long" and "I Know What I Need" (both of which go for guitar-powered aggression but would have easily worked as outright R&B). Although not outstanding, Standunder is an enjoyable release that should have done better.

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