May 07, 2021

Various Artists - Space Jam (Music From & Inspired By The Motion Picture) (1996)

Country: U.S.A. 
Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B
Label Number: 82961-2
© 1996 Warner Sunset/Atlantic Records
Space Jam is a captivating, engaging, and expressive work inspired from the making of the motion picture of the same name, featuring basketball icon Michael Jordan and a cast of charming Looney Tunes personalities. It is a collection of enthusiasm and charm, bold in expression and passionate in both it's lyrical quality and amazing variety of artists, bringing forth a broad landscape of musical style and form. Seal opens up the jam with the universally appealing single "Fly Like an Eagle." Coolio addresses the listeners and a generation of youth about the satisfaction of being a winner, and the mood of the song creates a great sense of belief in oneself, energizing one to genuinely work to accomplish and be a meaningful success in life. Quad City DJ's create more electricity with an anthem perfect for game play with the song entitled "Space Jam." B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, and Method Man collaborate as rap virtuosos to create a blend of soulful grooves and thought-provoking lyrics in "Hit 'Em High." D'Angelo provides the album's moment of wonder and enthusiasm, helping everybody "find their smile again." Monica lights up her promise to be there for you, and lay her life on the line with "For You I Will." A song of faith and optimism, it's perfect for the happy couple during this movie night date at the theatre. Salt-N-Pepa shake it up with a scintillating jam about the one you admire even though which you don't know his name, proclaiming "boy you turn me upside down." Robin S. sparks up this work with a percussive electric dance tune perfect for your neighboring dance club. "Keep your head up high/Give my a love a try/I'm giving you all that I've got/My love is free" is a happy and hopeful message. Barry White and Chris Rock get the groove on with melodic blend of romance and comedy. All-4-One lifts up the spirits and melts the heart with this hopeful ballad of trust and a promising future in "I Turn to You." R. Kelly introduces Changing Faces and Jay-Z into the mix with "All of My Days," a mix of hip-hop, expressive rap, and honest melodic harmonies. Spin Doctors light up the track with a big-band-oriented, jazz rock fusion feel, featuring guest artist Biz Markie in the '70s dance hit "That's the Way (I Like It)." Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd put an exclamation point on this fun-filled listening experience with splendor in "Buggin'."

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