May 09, 2021

Majestic Mass - Savage Empire of Death (2018) ☠

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Country: Denmark
Genre: Heavy Metal
Style: Blackened Heavy Metal
Label Number: IFP40
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Review by Louise Brown for
MAJESTIC MASS is from Copenhagen, Denmark and has exactly one album to its credit, 2018's "Savage Empire Of Death".  Information about the Black Metal band is beyond limited; it's downright non-existent. Every attempt to research them essentially met a dead end. If you're the type of music fan that I am this will undoubtedly make you even more curious about the music they came up with.

The album starts out with "Triumphos Manifestum," which effectively establishes a dark, somber mood. However, it's deceptive because it gives you the impression that you're about to listen to some sort of grim Symphonic Black Metal homage to Satan and his minions. "Clandestine Supremacy" quickly shatters that impression into a million little pieces. It is Black Metal with a Punk Rock sound and attitude. It's so wicked and raw-sounding that you can't help falling in love with it. Seriously some of the best music to piss off your neighbors that I've heard in a while. "Sanguine Dreams Of Lust" is also fast-paced with a slightly Heavy Metal tone added to the band's Black Metal sound. The combination of the two related yet very different sub-genres is excellent! The track is brutal, heavy and flies by at a rapid pace. In short, fantastic.

Normally I wouldn't cover all of the songs, but since the band appears to be missing in action for whatever reason I thought they deserved some extra attention. "Chaos Delight" begins with some terrific heavy guitar riffs and guttural vocals that are at a quicker pace. For a moment the song does slow down somewhat, but not long enough to matter; the speed increases considerably again with a nice addition of a few melodic guitar hooks. The track put a big smile on my face because it sounds so damned good; no pun intended? (haha) "Majestic Mass" comes out swinging- 'powerful' doesn't even begin to describe how insanely strong the sound of it is. Where do I begin? The vocals sound vicious as hell, the guitar riffs are beyond brutal which also describes the bass-line, too, and the percussion is INTENSE. If you're having an exceptionally bad day you need to listen to this track. Your anger will be gone before you know it. Yeah, it's THAT good. "Those Of The Night" has more chaotic sound when compared to the other songs as it shows off a very obvious Punk Rock edge. Somehow the odd combination of sounds presented within it work surprisingly well together. I went from being uncertain about it to being a fan by the time the song was over with. The final track, "Savage Empire Of Death," is fast, heavy and capable of rendering you unable to resist its dark charms. It showcases the band's uniquely-crafted sound quite well and is a the perfect way to end such an outstanding album. I have no idea what became of this band, but I sincerely hope that the members of MAJESTIC MASS realize they've left behind a fine gift for fans of Black Metal. I suggest you get a copy of "Savage Empire Of Death" before it's too late.

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