March 10, 2021

Inhume - In For The Kill (2003)

Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Genre: Deathgrind
Label Number: OPCD 146/N° 2443-2

© 2003 Osmose Productions
For its second full album, 2003's In for the Kill, Inhume manages to peel off 16 songs in under 32 minutes. Not bad, now how 'bout a ballad? Seriously though, for all their hell-bent intensity and sturdy technical qualifications, there's nothing on offer here that truly distinguishes these gore-obsessed Dutch grindcore merchants from an already overcrowded local scene. And when one- to two-minute bursts of abusive mayhem such as "Incineration of the Body By Own Will," "Bitch Redecoration," and "Blood Orgy at 7th Street" are less musically entertaining than their given titles, you know it's time to go back to the drawing board. Still, Inhume shows just enough signs of personality (originality may be too generous a word) in the likes of "Scourging," "Ignorance of the Elevated," and (gulp!) "Sodomizing Encounter" to suggest the band may yet find its niche.

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