March 10, 2021

Inhume - Chaos Dissection Order (2007)

Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Genre: Deathgrind
Label Number: OPCD 180/№ 784-780

© 2007 Osmose Productions
Ah, my dear friends in Inhume. Finally they deliver us their third effort, which was already recorded about a year ago. Problems with the label almost drove the guys mad, but it’s ready to be released now. Here’s what to expect:
Brutal-as-fuck goregrind that smashes your face in, for half an hour. Inhume has always been my favourite Dutch goregrind band, together with Skullhog of course, and this new record entitled Chaos Dissection Order pleases me a great deal. Their previous effort In For The Kill already dates back to 2003, so it was quite a long wait for this disc. In the meantime vocalist Johan left the band and was replaced by Dorus, but I don’t think there’s a Dutch grindhead to be found that hasn’t seen the band in this ‘new’ line-up.
The formula the band uses hasn’t changed much, full-on rocket-powered goregrind without pitch-shifters, but with two brutal vocalists and a hyperspeed drummer. But the material on this disc grooves a bit more than the previous stuff, which I personally am a big fan of. So what Chaos Dissection Order offers us is a monstrous grind record, with a groove to it… Sounds about lethal doesn’t it? And to top things off, the first record Decomposing From Inside had the legendary track ‘Airplane Crash’, the second one had ‘Decimated Content’, this one has ‘Dismal’. Fans of the band know exactly what I mean. A crusty bass riff joined by drums on it’s way to termination, mutilation, devastation, annihilation and other cool words that end with ation.
Fans, buy it. Grindcore loving people, buy it. As always, support your local grindcore band!! Drink beer, headbang, mosh, puke, repeat.

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