March 02, 2020

Extreme Noise Terror - Being & Nothing (2001)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Deathgrind
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© 2001 Candlelight Records
Reviewed by Dan Woolley for Teeth of The
E.N.T. = grindcore. Not surprisingly, as many older metal acts return to their roots (Napalm Death, Cathedral, and, to a certain extent, Megadeth), the Extreme Noise Terror-ists rear their mega-ugly heads with an album that’s so old-school that it sounds like a tribute to Brutal Truth’s debut meisterwerk, 1992’s Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses.
Yep, and “Damage Limitation” sounds note for note like a replica of BT’s “Walking Corpse,” right down to the Kevin Sharp/Danny Lilker interplay of low/high death grunts copied flawlessly by E.N.T.’s co-heads of the throat department, founding member Dean Jones and newcomer Adam Catchpole. Take, for example, “Man Made Hell,” a roiling brew of Cannibal Corpse gutstring whinings, shredding death-metal riffage (both courtesy of ex-Cradle Of Filth’s Gian Pyres), and a double-kickdrum feeding frenzy.
Want something faster? Try swallowing “No Longer As Slaves” and “Through Mayhem” in one gulp, then chase that with the prolonged belly growls and maniacal guitar solo in “One Truth One Hate.” If you’re still standing, you’re one of the few who actually remembers that this is the band who performed their ‘cover’ of The KLF’s “3 A.M. Eternal” at the ’92 Brit Awards and then caused mass hysteria and headlines when they sprayed the crowd with blank machine gun bullets.
Anarchy in the U.K., indeed.



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