March 18, 2020

Brodequin - Festival of Death (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
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© 2001 Unmatched Brutality Records
Review by Quentin Kalis for Chronicles of
As far as death metal albums go, there is not much that can top the sheer brutality and violence of this release. The lyrics aren't so much lyrics as various descriptions of violence and torture -- hardly surprising given the name of the band (a brodequin is a torture instrument used to crush its victims legs, often to such an extent that the bone marrow would be forced out). Not that it really matters too much, as the vocals consist of an impenetrable growl that is impossible to decipher, even with the aid of a lyric sheet. One of the problems I have with this album is the production, which leaves much to be desired. The drums and -- to a slightly lesser extent -- the vocals dominate the mix, to the detriment of the guitars. In addition, the drums have a hollow, tinny sound, which sounds more than slightly odd on an album of this genre. Furthermore, there is a distinct lack of variety in the drumming. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for blastbeats, but when the drumming consists of little more then that, it starts to get more than just a little boring, and when the drums are as high in the mix as they are on _FoD_, an additional and inevitable sense of monotony is created. Their music as a whole is unceasingly repetitive and boredom quickly sets in. With better production and guitars higher in the mix it might have been more interesting to hear, and I definitely would be interested to hear what Brodequin manage to achieve next time round.
[Alvin Wee: "It's been a long time -- since Broken Hope went all technical -- that brutal grind like this has graced my mutilated ears. Reminiscent of the classic New York sound a la Suffocation, Brodequin serve up their second steaming splatterfest that lacks neither hooks nor tightness. Lack of originality shouldn't be a problem in this genre, so if names like Impetigo and Regurgitate bring a smile to your lips, these twisted Texans should satisfy your craving. Solid stuff, just don't bother deciphering the lyrics."]

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