March 18, 2020

Brodequin - Methods of Execution (2004)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
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© 2004 Unmatched Brutality Records
Review by "Mat-Core" for Metal
Brodequin released their new album several months ago, and I’m really ashamed by reviewing this masterpiece this late. Brodequin are a three-piece band who play ultra fast death metal. The first album I ever heard of them is the Instruments Of Torture record, which caught my attention by the brutality. Their motto has always been Fast, Faster and Fastest, but too bad their brutality wasn’t recorded in the right way, so it was quite difficult to sort the mess of noise out. The Festival Of Death album that came thereafter was even worse, but the songs got more technical when you overstepped yourself and listened with a headphone. Now they have released the Methods Of Execution album, which I really waited for after hearing the immensely produced record Dawn Of Ash by Liturgy, which is practically the same band as Brodequin, except they have Matti of Disgorge with them. No more talking, lets go reviewing stuff.

The record starts out with the track Slaves To The Pyre, which kicks in like a sledgehammer. The sound is much better than their previous recordings, but still lacks that immense and full sound of the Liturgy record. In essential, it’s an obvious Unmatched Brutality release, because many bands signed under this label are going into extremes. I must say Brodequin still have the crown and with this new sound it really sounds better. Listening to a Brodequin record is like hearing 11 songs with no interruptions or fancy breaks and totally meant to drone you into a head-banging zombie crying for more. I found myself nodding all the way to the last track. I must not forget mentioning the stylish track Verdrinken, which lyrics were originally written in the Dutch language.

I asked Jamie about this in an interview in Czech last year, but I found my tape with all my interviews stolen along with the car where the tape was lying in. I remember that he wanted to use the Dutch words, but I found an English text in the booklet. I suppose it doesn’t matter in which language Jamie sings in, for all it could be Zulu, you won’t hear the difference, because it’s all one long UUUU. More recommendations are the tracks Tyburn Field and Cast Into Torment.
This record is meant for people with a taste for bands like Disgorge, Liturgy (of course), Decrepit Birth, Lividity and Prostitute Disfigurement. If this appeals to you, you really should get a copy, if most do not have it already, because it has been available since early this year. Brodequin handles about the medieval ways of torture, like they have always done and keep describing the best ways to extract confessions and sorts with ultra fast thrashing and bashing, keep your ears open!

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