March 17, 2020

Devourment - Unleash The Carnivore (2009)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
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Review by Benjamin DeBlasi for Teeth of The
What a year. Seriously, new albums by Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse is one thing in a year, but when the underground is also churning out slabs of equally if not more ferocious material then it shows that the good times truly are a rolling.
Now for a band that’s legacy was built on a single full length, demo and then stray recording (Babykiller) to have gained such obsessive infamy throughout the world is hugely impressive, it also adds a mountain of pressure on the shoulders of these Texan maniacs. Predecessor Butcher the Weak was therefore a resounding middle finger to anyone that doubted Majewski and Rosas for resurrecting the band, and what’s more as a four piece as it was a brutally assured as its legendary forefather. In turn stripping themselves of an extra guitar was a brave move, especially as the deep chugs founded on Molesting the Decapitated benefited hugely from two rather then one guitarist but on Butcher and now Unleash that lack seems to mean little.
The band have stated themselves that Unleash has bought back the disgusting heaviness from Molesting, and they weren’t joking, from the moment the storming title track bursts from the speakers its clearly evident. Barely a minute in they confidently flex their greatest strength, that all conquering, all devouring, all obliterating slam which punches through the speaker with such resonance and power that its amazing (mine at least) that they don’t explode from the sheer weight of the band’s sound.
That alone is one of the salient factors that makes Devourment so feverishly addictive, their sound has always been about overpowering the listener to the point where you simply have to submit and let their sonic pounding engulf you. That’s one factor consistent with their predecessors, another is their uncanny knack of writing proper, memorable songs that stick in your brain and which you can recall rather then having two or three homogenously glue themselves together and which you cannot pick apart unless you revisit the record.
Not saying that these are pop songs with hooks and what not, far from it, but it shows craft and genuine skill to make music so overly brutal and over the top that’s also memorable, addictive and that also has longevity and depth to itself. Of more interest and intrigue is the darkened atmosphere that stalks the album, there was talk of a gloomy Immolation influence lingering through this new album and you can certainly hear the moody echoing of those New Yorkers lurking on Unleash.
As stated above its been a stellar year for death metal, the old guard seemingly able not to be committed to the sanatorium just yet (unlike Slayer if their new tune is anything to go by) and the underground rapidly mutating and spewing forth plenty of gems to keep our ears blasted for many years to come.

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