February 03, 2020

Vain - Move On It (1994)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hard Rock
Label Number: HMR XD 194

© 1994 Heavy Metal Records
Review by Paul Sut for Revolver Records.com
At the time of writing, my collection of unreleased Vain albums exceeds the released ones- well, one actually. But happily the balance is about to change, with Polystar releasing what amounts to 11 high quality demos as the band’s second released album.
Some would suffer from the lack of a big album budget, but Vain actually seem to benefit (the demos for their first album were better than the actual record), and this is better than either studio record. Technically there are better bands, but Davy Vain and crew have more feel than most. And without the studio gloss, this album oozed reality from every pore. Couple the emotive sincerity with Davy’s talent for writing great songs and it remains a mystery why this band have been allowed to languish for so long.
The offer up the roaring “Planets Turning,” and the pure Stones raunch of “Hit And Run”; the infectious “Ticket Outta Here” is insistently memorable; “Get Up,” and “Family,” (both featuring temporary bandmante Steven Adler on drums) are incomparably haunting.
If you ever liked Vain before then this is an essential purchase; if they’re new to you, then pray for a domestic release, because this is simply too good to miss

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