February 13, 2020

Ronnie Henson - Ronnie Henson (1998) ☠

*Promotional disc. 
Contains the album in it's entirety (10 tracks total) 
A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.
Country: U.S.A.
Genre: R&B
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☠: Selected by Lass
© 1997-1998 Motown
AllMusic Review by Leo Stanley
Ronnie Henson's self-titled debut album not only showcases his smooth, gospel-influenced voice, but it demonstrates that he has more taste than the average contemporary soul singer. There are a few weak moments on the album, but they're overshadowed by songs like "What Cha Got," since they show what he can accomplish when he has a strong melody, rhythm and hook. It's not a perfect album, but it's an accomplished debut that suggests Ronnie Henson is one to watch.

. Special note from Lass

This is actually the first album I ever owned or as I like to say, the first album I could officially say "is mine" It was given to me by my older sister back in 1998 when she was working part time at a local radio station while attending college, studying journalism. It was given to my sister by some one at the radio station in hopes she'd have the album played at college campus radio - that didn't happen.  My sister has never been a fan of R&B music so she gave me this album when she came home from work:

"Nena!! You like this stuff, right? Take it. Just make sure your room is closed when you play it and no, you can't use my headphones!"

Although the label states that the promo discs were to be surrendered when asked by the Copyright owners, it never actually happened. Often they were forgotten about or one of the common excuses used by the labels that my sister often told me was:

"Who'd wanna keep an album with an ugly and obvious promotional advisory on it? People would be scared to take it around with them for fear of getting in trouble! Oooooooo! Jail time! <chuckles> Please!..."

My sister received many of these promotional albums during her time at the radio station. The only albums she kept were the Grunge pressings as that was her music of choice during the 90's. She was a  "riot girrrl" as was all of her friends. To this day, she still owns all of her promotional copies - which I later had to go and buy as a senior in High School because she wouldn't share. 😒 (Sorry, sis. I still love you.)

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  1. Dang she remembers how it was gifted, word by word lolz. Cmon lass I'm not trying to get into trouble with the site, but I look ahead to the (hint) 'better' day when the highly sought after shelved promo only release of an certain Atlantan's appears. I know you must have him. Especially with postings like this promotions from the late 90s.

    1. I remember my childhood quite fondly. My sister was a big influence on me when I was growing up. We're 10 years apart and she took me everywhere. As far as the unreleased promo is concerned, I wouldn't know. The only rapper from that era that comes to mind is "Nyoo" but I only remember 1 track (Hardly Hardcore) and I never sought after the singles either.

      It's true. My sister did work at a radio station in 1998-2001 but she never brought home a single Hip-Hop promo disc. She hated Hip-Hop. When those albums were give to her, she put them back in storage when no one was looking. This was a special case since the promo was given to the station by a representative of Motown and they were persistent about it. The rest goes as follows...

      Sis to the Radio Station: "Yeah, the album didn't get over at my campus but my kid sister liked it."

      Radio Station personal: "Yeah, well. I call Motown. Don't worry about the CD. We're probably going to end up sending those back to anyway"

      I was there when that happened. The album never made it onto her campus. 😄

    2. And Motown never verified the claim or bothered asking why the station sent the albums back. That's probably why this album didn't do so well. Poor marketing on Motown's behalf.

  2. My first reply was auto corrected numerous times. Well, sure..To think..I suppose it was a record that would be dubbed hip hop but in my mind its r&b. "Lil Will - Better Days". Ahaha yes as you should! I remember youth generally fondly myself...just not with the level of definition and keenness I would wish. I can state that late 90s were simpler. In terms of self expression. Ideas on Love, Dating, Friendship, Pastimes. The approach to Political concerns looked more formal. Intent could be deemed more genuine then from all sides (though likely wasn't🤭😊). Woah Showbiz Stars had enormous appeal they've lacked the last 10 years and change. Even everyday people showing themselves to be lesser in character back then late 90s earlier 00s in retrospect do not seem as unbearable as many of those same types during the last several years. And as much as I love internet technology and sites/personalities like yours. Social Media and the overall Web helped with doing a Big# on the masses. Even the early 2000s had a happier aura amid the War on Terror and all. Maybe I am just turning older. Or this generation have actually worsened by comparison...Maybe a mix?. Music has always been a personal escape but throughout the 2010s I'd felt more reliant on music (to "getaway!") than any time ever before. Prior to roughly 2012.. music x vocals x lyrics for me meant exploration and entertainment. During the Obama era, the medium of music was utter refuge...specifically music produced much earlier. Had Motown not already lost their grips long ago by then? Seems so thinking backward. Not sure why.

  3. ...btw Cool back telling of the time you got this and which sounds you & sis tastes consisted of by that point. The irony is that your radars weren't on rap & hip hop. The first cds I bout around then were all hip hop. 400 degreez being the very first. The years 1998 into the new millennium I was all over the place pop musically: Brian McKnight, Backstreet Boys, Hot Boys, Ja Rule, Creed, Missy, Jay Z, Korn, Ricky Martin and on & on. I primarily listen to soul as a adult but can appreciate quality universally.

    1. Lil' Wayne? You're out of luck on that one, love. I don't have any of his music on CD. I've never been a fan. As far as the original Cash Money is concerned, the only 2 I have ever owned were 400 degreez by Juvenile and the Baller Blockin' Soundtrack.

  4. Please refresh the flac and m4a links. thank you


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