February 01, 2020

Pink Cream 69 - One Size Fits All (1991)

Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Hard Rock
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Reviewed by "Ben" for Metal Reviews.com
With One Size Fits All Pink Cream 69 begin to take their first steps into what they would eventually evolve into today. Although there is still a bit of the party rock element left over from the self titled debut, there also a sense of maturity and less silliness (except for Piggy Back Bitch). Andi has more control over his voice than he did on the former album and he has delivered some stellar songs on here as well. Looking through the credits it would seem as though if he ever left, then the band would fall apart as he wrote or co-wrote every song on here. Maybe that’s why Change sucked so bad, it just took Alfred and David a couple tries to rekindle that Melodic Rock magic.
After the frolicking opener, Talk to the Moon is a mid tempo, dark number, similar to One Step Into Paradise. Both have the same feel to them, that dark sense of urgency, however instead of rapid guitar picking like on One Step Into Paradise, Talk to the Moon is driven by a crunchy and powerful guitar riff that is played throughout the duration of the track. Hell’s Gone Crazy is almost speed metallish with it’s double bass and highly melodic guitar lick. Do You Like it Like That? is another midtempo tune that is a Pink Cream 69 classic. A bit of synth is used to back up Alfred’s guitar harmonics and Andi’s vocals are the main focal point here. He carries most of the melodies with his voice and he carries them quite well I might say. I am amazed, even today in Helloween at what a great singer and musician this man is, he can hold the entire weight of a song with just his voice and not many bands can say that about their singers. Ballerina is a pseudo ballad, and is ok as far as ballads go, nothing too special though. Signs of Danger is another speed fest in the same vein as Hell’s Gone Crazy but I think this is the superior track. Better verse melodies and a much better chorus, I wish that they would play this one live today. There is only one song from the Pink Cream 69 days that Andi has sung in Helloween and that is Where the Eagle Learns to Fly. An acoustic ballad with depressive lyrics, this is an introspective song, and one of Andi’s most personal as well. I can see why this is a personal favorite for the man, despite it’s simplicity it is a very stirring number.
After the release of One Size Fits All Andi had one more album with Pink Cream 69 before joining Helloween. Honestly, I believe that this was the best thing to happen to both bands, albeit when Readman first came into the fold he wasn’t too warmly received as everyone felt that he was the reason why our Pink Cream 69 turned to grunge. Now though, I can see that Readman is the perfect voice for this music and I believe that Andi Deris is better suited for music like Helloween delivers. Even though I say that Readman is the man for the job nowadays, I still do not want to take away from this album, or any of the other Deris cd’s because they are all a damn fine listen, this being no exception.

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