October 25, 2019

Caesars Palace (Caesars) - Cherry Kicks (2000) ☠

Country: Sweden
Language: English
Genre: Punk Rock, Pop Rock
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☠: Selected by Lass
© 2000 Virgin/Delores Recordings
Review by Niklas Forsberg Release Magazine.net
My first Caesar’s Palace encounter was back in 1998. The single "Sort It out" had a sudden impact on me, initially not for its greatness, but due to the fact that it was totally different from everything else. Rock’n’roll, pop, psychedelica, punk, dub and electronics all at the same time, with a vague retro shimmer embedded. It may sound like total music chaos, but it sounds logical, like a new nameless genre being born.
"Cherry Kicks" continues where the last album, "Youth Is Wasted on the Young", began. It’s maybe a bit more pure pop now, but still very catchy and likable. More electronics are being used as well, which adds to an even more innovative music mix. Jocke Åhlund, also member of Teddybears Sthlm, has claimed that old krautrock and similar music always has meant a lot to him.
César Vidal may not have the purest of voices, but it has a fair amount of personality and is just the type of vocals that fit this type of sound. The small "but" of this review involves an occasional harmlessness, but it’s almost relaxing not to have to pay wholehearted attention all the time.
The title track, "From the Bughouse" and "Subhuman Girl" have become my favourites so far. But then again, I’m still listening.

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