October 20, 2019

Black Fast - Spectre of Ruin (2018)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal
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Review by Max Southall for Distorted Sound Mag.com
As far as aptly-named bands go, BLACK FAST may just take the cake for a sound that deals in equal parts shrieked Schuldiner-esque vocals and ripping thrash. With two records already under their belt gradually building them up to relative acclaim within the modern thrash scene, Spectre Of Ruin, their latest offering, sees them delve further into the progressive soundscapes they’ve flirted with in the past. But the real question is weather this translates to a good record overall.

This is a question that crops up alarmingly often over the 40 minute run-time of Spectre Of Ruin. The basic components of their previous records are there and that’s great because a modern thrash fan into bands like NERVOSA, HAVOK or WARBRINGER is going to be all over this band. As always with BLACK FAST, vocalist Aaron Akin is front-and-centre delivering a phenomenal vocal performance, effortlessly peeling out soulful shrieks and cries that link them to the vocals of the bands listed above.

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