October 20, 2019

Black Fast - Terms of Surrender (2015)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Blackened Thrash Metal
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Review by Tony Shrum New Noise Magazine.com
Comparisons can be a bit misleading. In the run-up to Black Fast’s awesome eOne debut, Terms of Surrender, just about every outlet took to comparing the St. Louis band to another band that combines thrash and death metal, Revocation. There are certainly moments and segments of Black Fast’s sound that recall the famed Boston band, but it’s a bit like comparing mac n’ cheese and spaghetti and meatballs. Sure, similar types of ingredients are used for both recipes, and both will fulfill your desire to consume delicious carbs, but it does a disservice to both dishes (and bands) to worry too much about similarities. To be more fair, Black Fast sounds like Revocation, Skeletonwitch, Death, and Goatwhore shoved into a musical blender, with bits of Megadeth and Fallujah spices added in later for added texture.
Quite frankly, you won’t likely be too concerned with dissecting Black Fast’s sound after about 30 seconds of listening to the band; you’ll be too busy headbanging. That’s really what Black Fast does best. While the group certainly has a unique ability to make such a filthy and modern album still have the essence of old-school extreme metal, Black Fast doesn’t really seem that intent on worrying about genre or sound semantics. Terms of Surrender might as well just reference how quickly your lizard brain will take over while listening. This is a majestic heavy album of the highest order, with a keen ability to take you on a wonderful journey throughout this break-out album.
If there’s a complaint to be levied, it’s that, despite the band’s progressive and technical leanings, the songs are a tad formulaic and can eventually become predictable. It doesn’t really bog the record down, aside from making some of the songs blend together. Otherwise, Black Fast, and their brand of techincal metal is fun and furious. They are definitely a band to watch. (Nicholas Senior)

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