April 12, 2019

Project 86 - Project 86 (1998)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Nü-Metal
Label Number: BEC#11

© 1998 BEC Recordings
AllMusic Review by Jason D. Taylor
Project 86's self-titled debut established the band as one of the more promising hardcore/metal groups in the Christian music scene. Lengthy songs that explore the furthest reaches of the alternative metal genre helped define the band as a hot new act that -- alongside peers like labelmates Blindside and then underground rapcore group P.O.D. -- allowed Christian metal to break through the independent scene with a voice that inspired listeners to think. P.O.D.'s own Sonny Sandoval even appeared on the album, generating attention from a mass of interested fans. Sweeping musical landscapes in the vein of Tool bulked up the disc, and allowed Andrew Schwab's unique vocal approach to have room to experiment. While this album had its uneven moments, it in turn was the most daring album at the time for its genre, treading new ground and surprisingly finding acceptance from the nu-metal crowd. The album also led to the band signing a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

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