April 15, 2019

One Minute Silence - One Lie Fits All (2003)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Nü-Metal
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Review by Michael Hubbard for Musicomh.com
From headbanging opener Fistful Of Nothing, One Minute Silence’s third album One Lie Fits All packs powerful punches all the way. In production terms comparisons with the best nu-metal about are justified. Whether it manages to pack in all the ingredients of a great album is less clear cut.
Faith No More fans will love Revolution, while anyone who likes lots of cymbals and digitised guitars – think Rage Against The Machine, especially on Into Our Own – will have this record on repeat play. If you’re wanting something insanely fast and mad of the Manowar school this is not it, but otherwise it musically impresses.
I Wear My Skin confirms that they can vary the heavy guitar rock format to include sinister sounding guitar effects and big drums of the Slipknot variety, while The Way Back confirms the band’s ability to create atmospherics as well as mosh pits.
But you could never accuse this band of subtlety. Cover images include topless band members weilding their axes and being impaled within bars, and the single covers dredge up military themes coupled with the stars and stripes of the USA. You’d have to be a freshly arrived Martian not to know what such images and lines like “I’ve considered all sides/Resist the war cries” (You So Much As Move) was on about.
The opening line of single We Bounce – “If I kill can I not be the president too?” – is hardly going to win them fans amongst erudite music listeners, but at least there’s a frankness about a band that revel in their politics – which, let’s face it, takes guts in these days of war-mad media behemoths selecting music by the artist’s views of that creature occupying the White House.
There’s some filler in the middle – Price Of The King’s Ticket is entirely disposable compared to what goes before. And the lyrics here are either uncompromising (if you like them) or rather crude (if you don’t). But with tight production and impressive arrangements, musically One Minute Silence can justly be proud of their efforts, safe in the knowledge that they have the poise and ability to up the ante on their next release.

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