April 22, 2019

The Mission - Neverland (1995)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Gothic Rock, Pop Rock
Label Number: SMEE CD001

© 1995 Equator/Neverland Records
AllMusic Review by Jim Harper
After attempting to update the band's sound with 1991's Masque, the Mission abandoned some of the technological influences of that album and concentrated on a more guitar-based sound. However, the same shortcomings continued to appear. In the mid-'80s Hussey and his crew were accused of copying Led Zeppelin, and Neverland provides more ammunition for the band's critics. "Sway" continues their flirtation with Middle Eastern music -- ultimately derived from Zeppelin's "Kashmir" -- while "Celebration" is a pale copy of the earlier band's "Celebration Day." At times the album drips with cloying sentimentality, with "Cry Like a Baby" and "Swim With the Dolphins" being particularly hard to swallow. All in all, Neverland comes across as a second-rate version of the Mission's first two albums, making it almost entirely pointless.

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