April 16, 2019

Project 86 - ...And The Rest Will Follow (2005)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Post Hardcore, Alternative Metal
Label Number: TND 77424 

© 2005 Tooth & Nail Records
AllMusic Review by Steve Losey
On their latest opus, And the Rest Will Follow, Project 86 has left behind conceptualizing and forged ahead with a disc about truth, metamorphosis, and faith. With this release, the band hammers each song musically while vocalist Andrew Schwab delivers vocal and lyrical prowess along the way. "Sincerely, Ichabod" kicks off the release in a grand, heavy fashion, while Schwab switches from an earthy growl to the intense scream the band is known for, and the rhythm guitar lays down a solid groove. "All of Me" is a song where the band delves into melody. The tune features an apt guitar and bass riff while the cut finds its pinnacle via the chorus. Along the same line, "Something We Can't Be" utilizes the same formula, meshing solid guitar rhythms with a catchy melody to form a nice hook. One of the disc's most memorable tunes comes courtesy of "My Will Be a Dead Man." Drummer Alexander Albert drives the song via an old-school metal backbeat while power chords and intelligently profound lyrics lead the charge. Add to that tasty riffing by guitarist Randy Torres and the cut is complete. Project 86 has pulled out the big guns on And the Rest Will Follow. The musicianship is tight and well produced. (Of note throughout the disc are the meaty bass hooks of Stephen Dail.) What really drives the band is the momentum of Andrew Schwab. You can't help but feel his angst and soul churning on each cut. Schwab delivers a performance that helps take this release to the next level.

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