October 16, 2018

Seaweed - Despised: E.P. (1991)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Punk Rock, Grunge
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© 1991 Sub Pop
Review by Levi Fuller Kexp.org
OK, it’s about time we started giving a little love to the locals around here, don’t you think? And who better to start with than recently reformed Tacoma heroes Seaweed? Despised, their first album, was released in 1991 on local label Sub Pop , but not before they’d built a reputation for great live shows and released songs on various 7″ singles and compilations.
Despised received somewhat of a mixed reception here (at least judging by the evidence), but Seaweed went on to become huge figures in the local scene, and to receive a fair amount of national acclaim as well (I know I heard about them out in Boston, although sadly I never saw them). Their tourmates over the years included Green Day, Candlebox and Bad Religion, and they released one album on the major Hollywood Records. Their last album to date was 1998’s Actions and Indications, which was released on the very respectable Merge Records.
“I liked the first 7″, but have been indifferent to them live + just don’t think they’ll ever really do it for me. (Half of this is from last 7″.)” “Not as good as their live shows, but cool nonetheless. Reminds me a bit of Coffin Break, but I like the vocalist here better. Good, solid stuff.”
“The next Queensryche? M [medium rotation]” [OK, that one really has me scratching my head. Anyone that could shed some light on how Seaweed might be perceived, in 1991, as “the next Queensryche” please let us know in the comments.]
“They sound like Mudhoney’s younger brothers with more intelligent lyrics. Lots of guitar energy but a little short on cool songs and diversity. I was expecting more. L [light rotation]”
“Huh? Not what I would call diverse either, but definitely NOT short on cool songs. No Beat Happening covers [Seaweed covered Beat Happening’s “Foggy Eyes” on an Estrus records compilation that came out the same year as this album], but some very righteous originals. I think “Inside” is the hit; 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 are also righteous. Maybe an H?”
Seaweed reformed this year, playing at Bumbershoot and one of our own local showcases at the High Dive. They’ll be playing a couple shows in Tacoma this December, and there are rumors of a new album. Stay tuned

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