October 23, 2018

Disturbed - Evolution (2018)

*Standard pressing. 
Contains 10 tracks total. 
A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Alternative Metal, Acoustic Rock
Label Number: 572826-2
.FLAC via Florenfile
.AAC 256 kbps via Florenfile

© 2018 Reprise Records
AllMusic Review by James Christopher Monger
Coming off of the enormous success of their brooding cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence," Chicago nu-metal veterans Disturbed deliver another slab of commercial grade active rock and montage-ready power balladry on their seventh studio effort, Evolution. Billed as a tribute to deceased contemporaries Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Vinnie Paul of Pantera, the ten-track set strikes an even balance between meat-and-potatoes stadium shakers ("Are You Ready," "No More") and butane-draining acoustic numbers ("Hold On to Your Memories," "Already Gone"). Working once again with producer Kevin Churko -- bass player and backing vocalist John Moyer, who left in 2011 to tear things up in Adrenaline Mob and Art of Anarchy, has also returned -- the band's penchant for pairing uncompromising sonic heft with mile high hooks remains its greatest asset, with frontman Dave Draiman's powerhouse voice shouldering that weight with Herculean stamina. The electronic elements that began creeping in on 2015's Immortalized are utilized to an even greater degree this time around, but Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren are always at the forefront, maintaining the road ahead with workmanlike precision. Disturbed play to their strengths, and why shouldn't they? Stringing together five consecutive number one debuts is no small feat, and while it's hard to argue that Evolution lives up to its moniker, the familiarity of the architecture is lent considerable gravitas by the overall execution, which as per usual, leaves nothing but perspiration in its wake -- Draiman did remove his very '90s goatee and signature chin piercings, citing a desire to not look like a "45-year old Hot Topic kid," so there is that.

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  1. I just downloaded this and its a lossy transcode and NOT genuine FLAC files. I want my money back for Florenfile refunded.

    1. You can submit a refund ticket through them. However, it is not a lossy transcode. This rip can be verified using CUETools. It will pass the accurate rip test. Lossless files when viewed under the spectrum is not always the best way to verify a rip.

      There are plenty of CD's today, yesterday etc.. that don't go past -20 db under the spectrum. This was common in the 80's and although loud mastering has killed this practice, some lossless files still don't go past that mark, and this is one of them. The reason for this is mastering - not because it's a lossy file.

      You can find more info about this here under *Why AAC and not MP3? What's the difference?*

      link: https://www.mediasurfer.ch/p/blog-page.html

      A photo of my CD here: https://ibb.co/YNrH6Ny

      Florenfile refund here: https://florenfile.com/Refund_Policy.html

      Side by side spectrum of FLAC & MP4 (Noticeable differences can be seen): https://ibb.co/19BmYZF

  2. Audiochecker & AuCDtect both confirm Mpeg 95%, and not the CDDA 100% it should. I used these tools with another rip and it passes 100%.

    1. Audiochecker is unreliable. This album that is also available here and that I ripped myself which can be seen here here:

      https://ibb.co/CJkD9RF (my personal copy)

      states that some songs are 95 % MPEG. How is that possible if I ripped it from the source?

    2. I have prepared a new rip for you. You can find it here:

      link: https://florenfile.com/62qt5fqc6649/DSTRB-EVLTN-RSNWRR.rar.html

      I have also included a photograph of my CD with a message "For Risen Warrior" written on a piece of paper in red marker. Also included in the RAR file is a screen recording of me ripping the album in CUERipper. This rip has no tags and includes the cue sheet, log and accurate rip report. I'm confident that you will still get the same results in Audiochecker & AuCDtect despite it coming from the the actual CD.

      We work very hard to provide accurate rips. We are not out to deceive anyone. You are free to request your refund if you are not happy with here. Cheers!

  3. Some more examples.

    "Empire" by Queensryche. You'll see the spectrum for the original 1990 pressing as well as the 2003 remastered edition for FLAC & AAC. You'll notice that the original 1990 pressing also does not go all the way to the top but the 2003, being extremely loud, does. This is due to mastering.

    FLAC spectrum: https://ibb.co/L5mywZz

    AAC spectrum: https://ibb.co/JzvKTSV

    Photos of my CD's: https://ibb.co/mJCttzY

  4. ok. maybe the tools I've been using for years are not accurate anymore. outdated codecs & programs? I don't know. Hoever, I just downloaded the same standard edition [not deluxe] from Tidal and it says every track is 100% CDDA. I don't understand. Are CD rips & digital files from lossless providers different now?

    1. Tidal has many different options. As a subscriber of Tidal myself, they also offer the master recording and HD versions as options when streaming. CD audio is digital but it's digital audio bricked at 16 bit, 44.100 kHz in WAV where as some of the lossless files on Tidal aren't. Times have changed but the CD format has not. It's always bricked at 16 bits.

  5. BTW, your rip does sound really good. I have been looking for the standard ediion because the deluxe edition sounds horrible. I am just beginning to question my trusty lossless checking tools now. Not sure what to use to verify lossless from lossy.

  6. Sorry. It was not my intention to accuse you of wrongdoing or providing counterfeit files. I'm just frustrated with the sound quality of the rips I've been getting lately.Thanks for the replies & the extra work bro.

    1. It's not the first time we've had such discussions with other subscribers. I'm sure they'll be many more. No apologies are needed. We are open to such topics.

      The best way to verify lossless audio is through Accuraterip but there are so many albums that aren't registered with it. In this case, we always post a photo of our CD's as compensation. People respond well to this practice. It's the only thing we can do at this point.

      We will not publish an album that we do not own and we will not publish an album that is not present in the accuratrip database unless we own it and can prove it via a photo. All of our photos are consistent and are unique to each staff member.

      What you're getting is our personal CD collection. Albums that don't include photos are albums verified with accuraterip so they aren't needed. We want to be as consistent and as accurate as possible. Thank you for your concerns. It's time for a nap and I hope to see you around our site sometime. Cheers.


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