October 13, 2018

Nekromantix - Return of The Loving Dead (2002)

Country: Denmark
Language: English
Genre: Psychobilly
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AllMusic Review by Bradley Torreano
Return of the Loving Dead is the fifth studio album from the horror punk combo Nekromantix. Despite the clever title and funny band name, that is about as good as the album gets. With a lot of references to older horror films and ghoulish activities, one would expect crazier music out of this bunch. But no, instead they sound all the world like Reverend Horton Heat, without Heat's psychotic drive. The band knows the general sound they are going for, but the album never quite gets there, sounding a little too serious for their own good. Except for the lyrics, they do not try and flaunt their gimmick the way a band like the Cramps does. Because of this, they come off as entirely too straight-faced, and the joke lyrics are hidden under the rockabilly guitars. Only a few songs really live up to their titles, and even those songs still do not really go beyond "cute." The one blatant exception is the title track, where the band finally nails the sound that fits them and really gives it their campy best. But one great track does not make an album, even if it does point toward the future of the band. Those who enjoyed the first album will probably find this a lot of fun, but anyone looking to this to fulfill their horror rock fix will be sorely disappointed

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