October 05, 2023

The PreC.I.S.E. MC - PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done (1991)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: 7 91710-2

© 1991 Luke/Atlantic Records
When a CD comes out on Luke Records and lists Luther Campbell as its executive producer, one tends to expect South Florida-style bass music. But despite the fact that Campbell signed the PreC.I.S.E. M.C. to his Luke label and serves as executive producer on her debut album, PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done, there isn't a trace of bass music to be found on this 1991 CD. PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done is pure New York rap, and it reflects the female rapper's Brooklyn roots. The production is unmistakably northeastern, as is PreC.I.S.E.'s flow; she has a lot more in common with Queen LatifahMC Lyte or Roxanne Shante than with any of the female rappers who were coming out of South Florida in the early 1990s. The things you normally associated with Luke releases back then--ultra-fast tempos, sexually explicit booty rhymes, trashy decadence--are missing from this consistently New York-sounding CD. Although PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done leaves no doubt that PreC.I.S.E. can flow, most of the tunes are unimpressive. There are a few memorable tracks (including the socio-political "For the Brothers" and the clever "Don't Even"), but overall, the material is pedestrian. PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done didn't sell, and PreC.I.S.E. never recorded a second album.

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