January 21, 2022

Self Scientific - The Self Science (2001)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: SOL-1007

© 2001 S.O.L. Music Works
After emerging from Cali's thriving underground scene in 1998 with "Return" (a celebratory ode that lauded hip-hop's humbler beginnings), Self Scientific's (Chance Infinite and DJ Khalil) debut, The Self Science, offers more of that romanticism, as it is an intriguing mixture of old- and new-school philosophy. Like so many of the great left-coast underground collectives, Self Scientific's musical platform emanates with a very distinguishable East Coast vibe. Though it's evident both members were weaned during hip-hop's most progressive stage (early '90s), Self Science is a mixed collective of that glorious period. Chance Infinite's Islamic beliefs and self-mastering ideologies play a major role in his lyrical inflections ("Love Allah" featuring Krondon and "Self Science"). While Infinite's five percent references are refreshing, the righteous path he conveys frequently clashes with the unflattering portrait he depicts of woman on "You Can't Fall" and "The Best Part," where Infinite passes on the swine but freely advocates sexual promiscuity. While MCs have long overshadowed the DJ, Self Scientific is an exception to that rule. Serving as the group's backbone, DJ Khalil delivers a slew of diverse aural selections, ranging from the plush violins and heavenly string backdrop of "The Covenant" to the spine-tingling instrumental "Opus," which is augmented by a melodious acoustic guitar sample and angelic chanting. Self Scientific delivers an impressive debut. Yet, it is one that is marked largely by the group's earlier material, as their latest batch of work fails to resonate like the end-to-end burners ("Return") contained in their previously released 12" catalog.

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