January 25, 2022

Various Artists - Anticon Presents: Music For The Advancement of Hip-Hop (1999)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label Number: MM003/ABR002

© 1999 Massmen/Anticon
From the title you should know this isn't your average hip hop record. Anticon's sound is an acquired taste. The various MC's that make up Anticon almost seem like they want to be different. They revel in it. They want to push boundaries of hip hop. They may not, but they try. On the beat of "It's Them" you hear it repeat a few times then it gets cut up and slowed down and Dose flows with the choppy beat. But with lyrics like "It doesn't look like an ice sculpture!...or does it?" doesn't really do much for the listener. One bright spot on this album is "Nothing but Sunshine" by Slug. Where he talks about what he went through as a kid over a nice piano beat done by Moodswing9. Another nice track is "Simulated Snow" by Sixtoo who also did the beat. The beat at first starts off with just a piano loop then the drums slowly creep in and out, and they change enough to keep the listener entertained by themselves. Sixtoo's lyrics are nice but there is no passion behind them, his delivery is dry. So if you want to hear some abstract hip hop from a variety of different artists this may be the album for you.

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