November 17, 2021

Various Artists - Get Rich or Die Tryin' (Music From & Inspired By The Motion Picture) (2005)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B
Label Number: B0005605-02

© 2005 G-Unit/Interscope Records
Lacking the usual G-Unit complete package polish, the soundtrack to 50 Cent's big Hollywood debut is far from perfect, but this sometimes thrilling collection of protégés and slick swagger from the big hustler himself is still worth considering. Since the film is a semi-biopic, it's surprising how non-personal and G-Unit pimping the soundtrack comes off, like Volume 14.5 of 50's G-Unit Radio mixtape series -- just without the interludes that could have helped this disjointed album flow better. Like the mixtapes, the G-Unit roster all get their showcases. Yayo's lackluster "Fake Love" finds the crew's infamous member dryly reading thug lyrics right off the page, while OliviaYoung Buck, and Lloyd Banks fare better with tracks that are hooky but ultimately filler. They fall victim to 50's tendency to throw his executive producer enthusiasm behind the new recruits, who are actually veterans of the game this time out. Mobb Deep have been eased into the G-Unit world with remixes and on mixtapes, but their tracks here are the best yet to come out of the relationship. The rickety beat behind "You a Shooter" suggests 50 is willing to take risks with these Queensbridge legends, while "Have a Party" is the tightest club track yet from the duo, with a perfect Nate Dogg appearance to boot. M.O.P. also get proper handling as 50 provides the hook, then steps aside to let the high-energy crew fly off the handle. As far as the tracks from 50 Cent himself, "Window Shopper" will sit nicely next to "In da Club" and "Candy Shop" on the next greatest-hits compilation, while "Hustlers Ambition" and "What If" are clever numbers that recall the looser moments of his debut, although the latter's AZ diss is a head scratcher and probably a big favor for the under-talked-about rapper. The curveball track that really makes the set interesting is the cold-to-the-bone "I Don't Know Officer" with 50BanksProdigyMobb Deep, and surprisingly, Mase all delivering a stark hood tale of no snitching. That the album doesn't even seem aware it's attached to a film is fine, and the "one or two tracks too long" problem is almost a given by now, but this all-over-the-place soundtrack contains enough heat to make it worthwhile for the man's huge fan base.

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