November 24, 2021

Deströyer 666 - Cold Steel... For An Iron Age (2002)

Country: Australia
Genre: Thrash Metal
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Label Number: SOM 052

© 2002 Season of Mist
Fourth album for the relocated Aussie black/thrashers, and second for label Season of Mist. Some people were somewhat disappointed by the "clean" sound of "Phoenix Rising". This new album features a harsher, more brutal sound that should put their fears to rest. The new material sounds a bit like a mix of "Violence is the Prince of this World" and "Unchain the Wolves" (more of the latter.) However, the band does not offer recycled material here, far from that: It is definitely an evolution from the first three albums, yet without whimping out in the process (some other bands should take note - hehe.) This is a black/thrash assault from beginning to end, with some bits of death metal influences thrown in here and there. Once again the musicians are just about as tight as they can, somehow managing to maintain some order in this devastating aural assault. Hell, I pretty much only have praise for this band. Another fine masterpiece of extreme metal. I still have a preference for "Unchain the Wolves", admitedly very hard to top. Fans of the previous material should find something they like here1. As for the others, what the hell are you waiting for?

Word is that the label rejected their original cover art and they came up with this one in a very short time - it shows. ;) At least it seems like the label is not interfering with their musical ideas, which can only be good news for the future.

1 This of course excludes people who try to sound ultra-underground, evil and "cult" by bashing anything past a band's first album - in which case I recommend a psychiatrist rather than this album. It had to be said as this kind of annoying attitude has been spreading like the plague lately.

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