November 24, 2021

Deströyer 666 - Phoenix Rising (2000)

Country: Australia
Genre: Thrash Metal
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Label Number: SOM 032

© 2000 Season of Mist
After many delays, Destroyer 666's third full-length album is finally here. And they still destroy everything in their path. While Phoenix Rising doesn't always sound as "evil" as 1997's Unchain the Wolves (better production having something to do with it), the music still has the D666 no-compromise tag on it. This Australian Black Metal band sure doesn't keep putting out the same album, as Phoenix Rising doesn't sound like their earlier two efforts, while retaining the band's signature sound. The drums are definitely more present than in the previous releases, adding more punch to the powerful guitars. ARGH! METAAAAAL! Add to this the hate-filled vocals, which, surprisingly, are sometimes easy to understand. One of the songs includes a very short period with clean vocals, but don't run away, they fit the song perfectly.

40 minutes is too short... but then again, the album would span 2 CDs and I would still find it too short. One can never get enough Destroyer 666. Buy this or forever be a poser.

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