November 16, 2021

The Buzzhorn - Disconnected (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Post Grunge
Label Number: 0 7567-83548-2 3

© 2002 Atlantic Records
The Buzzhorn's first venture on a major label, Disconnected would've been a massive hit in 1992. That's to take nothing away from the music; the psychedelic grunge that the band offers up is a catchy and heady brew on its own. But from their Alice in Chains harmonies to the Soundgarden-esque riffing, the Buzzhorn shamelessly take from the best and aren't afraid to sound exactly like their favorite bands. And that's fine; with so many imitators trying to utilize this sound without giving themselves away, they often forget the anthemic choruses and solid hooks that the Buzzhorn bring in spades. A perfect example is "Out of My Hands," a fantastic track that pivots on the shimmering distortion of guitarist Bert Zweber while singer Ryan Mueller roars with his husky, drug-addled drawl. Here they display a keen ear for keeping the song moving, never relying on any one riff or hook for too long. They can be sludgy and depressive, they can be desperately optimistic, they can even pull off an acoustic ballad ("Come See Me") without falling into power ballad territory. With so many artists bashing away at their instruments with a dull throb, it is certainly nice to hear a band that uses distortion for something more than dramatic flourishes or mindless chugging. There are certainly more original and progressive albums to come out of 2002, but for pure adrenalized riff rock, the Buzzhorn deliver the goods.

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