November 20, 2021

Order From Chaos - An Ending In Fire (19980

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Black Metal, Death Metal
Label Number: OPCD 071

© 1998 Osmose Productions
While still raw and stripped-down in most respects, Order From Chaos' third and final full-length album comes across as a bit more evolved, for lack of a better word, than their earlier work. It consists of three separate movements or sections -- the five-part "Conqueror of Fear," an 11-minute track entitled "There Lies Your Lord, Father of Victories," and the three-part "Somnuim Helios," -- and contains some pretty arcane lyrics (e.g., "protostar contraction cause thermonuclear reaction/chandrasekhar limit, HR, main sequence star," from "Nucleosynhesis"). Meanwhile, the production, although not polished, is clearer than in the past, and the songs themselves are somewhat more detailed than what you hear on Stillbirth Machine, for example. Regardless, this music qualifies as relatively old-school death metal fare, even by 1995's standards (when it was recorded), and that's surely how the band intended it. Ugly, evil, aggressive, and uncompromising, this album will appeal almost solely to already-initiated fans of the style -- it makes early Morbid Angel sound accessible by comparison.

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