November 17, 2021

Fastway - On Target (1989)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Hard Rock
Label Number: 7 75411-2

© 1989 Enigma Records
It's hard to consider Fastway without becoming nostalgic for the days when it took years before hard rock bands would unashamedly knock off platinum artists. A decade had passed since Led Zeppelin's bluesy proto-metal defined a certain kind of big rock when Fastway hit the scene, but starting sometime in the mid-'90s, it only seemed to take minutes before such cloning would begin. Anyway, when Dave King left Fastway, there was nothing left to connect this group to their "Say What You Will" chart success, and with only "Fast" Eddie Clarke left to revive a band years-separated from their only respectable recording, the group and their 1988 opus On Target had only a minute chance at success. Pointless attempts at pop-metal ("Dead or Alive," "Two Hearts") are strung together like carnival-prize stuffed animals, brightly colored but full of cheap synthetic stuffing that's probably a health hazard. There's nothing healthy about new vocalist Lea Hart's singing when he reaches well beyond his range during On Target's more excruciating moments -- perhaps trying to mimic King's Robert Plant-like squeal. A frightening affair, On Target plunges to the absolute depths of bad '80s metal banality.

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