November 13, 2021

Downthesun - Downthesun (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Nü-Metal
Label Number: 168 618 420-2

© 2002 Roadrunner Records
Downthesun's eponymous debut album is a record that presents itself as uncharacteristically sinister. Where many nu-metal bands seek melody to inspire hope, Downthesun's Patton-ish melodies only serve to chill the blood, as the tangible topics the group handles throughout this 12-track album are rather off-setting. These six men have seamlessly woven styles from the likes of KornStatic-XAmerican Head Charge, and Dog Fashion Disco to create a writhing tumor of malevolent sound, urging the listener to dare and question life. Lyrics ranging from, "Scream 'til you bleed" and "life means sh*t/You'd kill anything" to "Finding beauty in the madness," exemplify what Downthesun truly is, a band who would just as easily mutilate their fans as it would rock alongside them. While much of this album seems to find momentum from the likes of Faith No More's Album of the Year and Korn's Issues, there is much to enjoy. The dual vocal assault that is Aaron Peltz and former Slipknot technician Satone has incredible compatibility, and the two seemingly bring out the best (or worst) in each other, continuously topping each other's previous performance. Church blankets every track with abnormal sampling skills, enhancing the evil intentions on "Enslaved" while finding the industrial core of "Scapegoat." Vocally, "Pitiful" brings to mind MACHINA-era Smashing Pumpkins, while elsewhere the throaty screams better match Nothingface's Matt Holt. "Listen"'s moody singing and guitar work almost pass it off to be a Jerry Cantrell song, yet the insane heaviness tells a different story. Musically, Downthesun never ceases the relentless barrage of brutality, as Dan Spain's incessant drumming is bone-shattering in intensity. While Downthesun does allow its influences to be all too apparent on its self-titled debut, there is a plethora of morbid nu-metal worth listening to for any fan of the genre.

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