November 18, 2021

December Wolves - Blasterpiece Theatre (2002)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Black Metal, Industrial Metal
Label Number: Wick 07CD

© 2002 Wicked World
December Wolves' sophomore effort, Blasterpiece Theatre, is a lethal concoction of sickening lyrical statements and chaotic black metal whose macabre content is only surpassed by the perversity of these Boston natives themselves. "Horrifying" does not begin to describe what sinister creature lurks among the 11 tracks that comprise Blasterpiece Theatre. A plethora of diverse samples invades every nook and cranny of each song, effectively keeping the listener from taking a single, solitary breath in fear that it may be his last once the album comes to its end. How fitting it is that the album opens with a warning to prospective listeners, which should prepare one for what is to come, yet those choosing not to heed the advice and who step into the asylum anyway won't be leaving alive. December Wolves revel in bludgeoning their listeners with boulder after boulder of bestial brutality bound with barbed wire, as tracks like "April Fools Day" and "Kolobos" are quite possibly some of the most extreme metal songs ever made. These twisted musicians evidently have a sense of humor, albeit the darkest imaginable, as song titles such as "Desperately Seeking Satan" and "Porn Again Christian" are quite clever, yet may leave some with much to protest about. Blasterpiece Theatre is certainly offensive; the group even recruited porn director Matt Zane to direct what is being hailed as the "sickest music video ever" for "Porn Against Christian." Yet these four men are immensely talented, and have made an album that is as intense as they come.

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