June 06, 2020

Linda Perry - In Flight (1996)

*This is the HDCD original first pressing. 
A photo of the disc is included in the RAR file.

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock
Label Number: INTD-90061

© 1996 Interscope Records
AllMusic Review by Vincent Jeffries
Linda Perry's music is both subtle and bombastic, sweet and aggressive, and intellectually and sonically challenging. After the singer/songwriter quit her job fronting mega-platinum rock outfit 4 Non Blondes in 1994, Perry spent some time underground and eventually recorded In Flight for Interscope Records. Producer Bill Botrell (Sheryl Crow, Susanna Hoffs) helps Perry on the 1996 release as she digs deep into very personal subject matter that could get overwrought without the softly detailed arrangements and mixes. The queen of '90s ultra-depressive mope rock, Lisa Germano deepens the disc's dour construct with her mournful violin. There are a couple overly personal moments within the In Flight playlist, like the opener "In My Dreams," but Perry leans on her expressive vocals to keep the dangerously sincere material interesting. "Success" borders on the excessively self-analytical, but Botrell's juicy production and a crushing hook elevate the track beyond its weepy predisposition. Other standouts include "Life in a bottle," "In Flight," and the Grace Slick duet "Knock Me Out" that features the legendary Starship vocalist in extremely rare form. A fondness for fellow '90s female mood rockers Germano and PJ Harvey will aid listeners in appreciating the sallow cast of In Flight. But with just a little patience, any fan can enjoy the tenderness that coats Perry's introspective material.

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  1. All album covers featured on this website are photo scans from the original CD booklets.

  2. See the photo that is included in the RAR file. Lass's cover is in great condition. Also, click on the cover in this post and zoom in. You can clearly see this is a scan by zooming in.

  3. Here's a link to the photo in the RAR file: https://imgur.com/ulHPte5

    All covers featured here are scans from the CD booklets. Our scanners are set to "Auto correct" in terms of color. The photo appears dimmer due to the flash used by the digital camera. The cover is in great shape - most of Lass's CD booklets are, which is why she tends to get better scans than the rest of us do.

    Perhaps the person on Instagram found her scan through an image search or through another website that downloaded the image (it happens all the time not just with our site). Before the end of 2020, google no longer linked websites like ours in their image searches. All of our scans are done in 1080x1080

  4. So sorry for the long response time my love. First off, we do not accept requests - not that this is one, it was merely a question. Second, I do own the CD but it won't rip. The problem with it is that is gets stuck on track 6 whenever I try to rip it. I don't know if I will ever be able to publish it here.

  5. Hi again. I thought I'd give you an update. Turns out, I was able to get a clean rip by simply cleaning the bottom of the disc with a glass cleaner solution. "After Hours" will be available later on today so stay tuned and check the homepage for the post.


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