June 19, 2020

The Grifters - So Happy Together (1992)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Noise Rock
Label Number: SON002-2

© 1992 Sonic Noise
AllMusic Review by Stephen Cramer
This debut from Memphis band the Grifters came out of the first recordings of their fuzzy, distorted and crunchy style of Southern indie rock. Their sound would clean up with later albums, but it's this debut that sparked it all. The songs are shorter and more experimental than many of their future efforts. It starts off with the mesmerizing controlled chaos of "Dry Bones", leading to a rollercoaster ride of fuzz pedals and vocals that sound as if they were sung with a clenched fist. The three song sequence of "Hate", "Tat" and "Clot" creates a unique style of musical energy, leading to the calmer "The Want", which is the closest thing to a ballad the band performed at the time. After "Oar", which completed the album's original release, the disc offers "Love Explosion", "10,000", "Meanwhile" and "Wreck" after the original six tracks. The disc was rereleased on CD with those bonus tracks plus more. While the rerelease lists 10 tracks on the album, the disc has 12 tracks, which added to the band's mystery and allure. The extended guitar drones are the album's highlight. The band's chemistry was apparent from the start. So Happy Together was recorded at Easley Studios in Memphis, as well as various other locations. It was the second release on Chicago's Sonic Noise Records.

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