November 02, 2019

Sodom - Get What You Deserve (1994)

Country: Germany
Language: English
Genre: Thrash Metal
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AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia
Come 1994's rather dreadful Get What You Deserve album, Germany's Sodom weren't just treading creative water, they seemed to be taking a piss! Seriously, or are we to take clever ditties like "Jabba the Hutt" and "Tribute to Moby Dick" with anything but an industrial-sized, proverbial grain of salt? Except for the mildly interesting title track, and the almost convincing "Silence Is Consent," it was abundantly clear that lone remaining founding member Tom Angelripper was running through the motions on this L.P. Making matters worse, any leftover pretense of selling Sodom as a true "band," had been rendered moot by the faceless yabbos that surrounded him, this anonymous pair owning about as much on-stage charisma (never mind contributing songwriting talent) as a pack of cliff-bound lemmings. The bottom line is that Sodom had ceased having anything worth saying in the extreme metal universe at least a half-a-decade prior, making this particular release the sort of stuff for blind idolaters and soft-hearted thrash metal martyrs.

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