November 13, 2019

Onslaught - VI (Limited Edition) (2013)

*Contains 10 tracks total.
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label Number: AFM 444-9
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© 2013 AFM Records
Review by Eric May for New Noise
After crushing my eardrums with 2011’s Sounds Of Violence, these UK heavyweights are at again with another helping of uncompromising death-metal influenced thrash metal. “Chaos Is King” knocks it out of the park from the very beginning, showcasing new drummer Mic Mourihan’s machine-gun blasts and Sy Keeler’s scathing, yet true to form vocal prowess. Then Nige Rockett and Andy Rosser-Davies bring forth thick plated riffs and insurmountable solos. And that’s just the first track! Future songs offer thundering anthems (66’Fuckin’6, Enemy Of My Enemy) and the same amount of piss (fuck the vinegar) that you’d expect from thrash. “Slaughterize” is one of the best thrash tracks I’ve heard in years, and has an extremely powerful and catchy chorus that will make it stand out from the very beginning. “Fuel For My Fire” takes a completely different turn, adding some keyboard and power metal influence to the mix, but it doesn’t kill the formula for me. “Children Of The Sand” features Middle-eastern influenced riffs in addition to the element of female vocal chants, so it might be a bit much for some; but I didn’t seem all that bothered by it and it was still plenty heavy.
While Sounds Of Violence certainly had a lot more death metal influence than this one, I certainly can’t say that this is a thrash album worth passing on, and that score I’ve given it further asserts that fact. If you like your thrash to be exponentially heavy and without signs of remorse, then you’ll definitely need to get your hands on this one. It’s disc that essentially just comes off as a “badass thrash album” and as blunt as that might sound, you won’t help but be able to feel the same way once you’ve heard it. Onslaught continues to showcase what thrash metal should sound like this day and age. It’s fueled with the steroids of death and black metal influence; but is still able to remain true to the genre’s roots. VI is One of the best thrash albums of the year, hands down. Look out, Testament. They’re coming for you. (Eric May)

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