November 09, 2019

Anal Cunt - Everyone Should Be Killed (1993)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Grindcore
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© 1993 Earache
AllMusic Review by Bret Love
With insane song titles like "I'm Not Allowed to Like A.C. Anymore Since They Signed to Earache" and "Abomination of Unnecessarily Augmented Composition Monickers," music that, at low volumes, sounds like a distant faucet being turned on and off repeatedly, and a whopping 58 tracks clocking in right at 58 minutes total, this CD should win comedy album of 1994, hands down. As the great music critic Beavis once said, "They suck, but they suck in, like, new ways we haven't heard before, so I guess that makes them kinda cool!"

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