November 14, 2019

Agnostic Front - Warriors (2007)

Country: U.S.A
Genre: Hardcore
Label Number: 1931-2

© 2007 Nuclear Blast Records
AllMusic Review by Eduardo Rivadavia
Some may argue that Agnostic Front's tenth studio album, 2007's Warriors, sounds like just another day at the office for joint CEOs, vocalist Roger Miret and Vinnie Stigma, and their suitably tattooed subordinates. But when a band has been this successful at the business of producing classic, crossover hardcore ass-kickings for their loyal consumers, well, outside observers may just want to keep their mouths shut and be thankful that their own jobs cover health insurance -- it could come in handy if they cross the wrong person here. Such is life at Agnostic Front Public Works, Inc.: a not-for-profit organization (get it? the band has never seen a cent for their efforts) devoted to all sorts of social activism ("Outrage," "We Want the Truth"), community services ("For my Family," "All These Years"), and a few tough love lessons about the code of the street ("Black and Blue," "Revenge") mixed in for good measure (no one likes a goody two shoes). At times, the band's approach may even seem a little too preachy, with impassioned entreaties like "Change Your Ways," "Forgive Me, Mother," and opener "Addiction" (where the band shouts "Save yourself!" to all who will listen) adding up to a veritable roll call of public service announcements. Heck, all that's missing is a bonus video of Miret asking "It's ten o' you know where your children are?" -- and that'll probably crop up on their next album. All kidding aside, though, at least Agnostic Front are focusing on largely positive and empowering messages versus the prevalent pessimism of yesteryear. And since, musically speaking, they've also stopped straying from the violent simplicity that's always served them best, the future still looks bright for the Agnostic Front corp., and, by extension, the entire NYHC industry.

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