August 06, 2019

Steelheart - Good 2B Alive (2008)

Country: U.S.A.
Genre: Hard Rock
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AllMusic Review by Greg Prato
Steelheart attempted to update their sound for the times with 1996's Wait, but the album fell with a thud (the first album by the group to not register on the Billboard Album Charts), and as a result, singer/leader Michael Matijevic opted to put the band back into mothballs. Fast forward 12 years, and Steelheart was finally back once more with their fourth full-length overall, 2008's Good 2B Alive. For those hoping that the group would return back to their earlier, unmistakably "hair metal" direction will be disappointed, as it's the tougher-sounding direction of their previous release that is followed throughout Good 2B Alive. In fact, if anything, they've even upped the heaviness ante throughout, as Alice in Chains-meets-Creed heavy riffers are what comprise almost the entire album -- "Samurai," "LOL," etc. With very little power balladry detected (which on earlier Steelheart albums, was expected), Good 2B Alive is undoubtedly Steelheart's heaviest album from start to finish.

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